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DGSF Shoe Machinery Group is a joint stock enterprise was founded in years of 1993 located in the world manufacturing city Dongguan own 50 000 square meter workshop and has DGSF LUXIN TENGHONG total 3 famous brands in shoes making machinery industrial field manufacturing up to 12 series products 1 Shoe lasting machine 2 Shoe making machine 3 Sole processing machine 4 Moccasin pattern sewing machine 5 Side seam sewing machine 6 Industrial sewing machine 7 Intelligent sewing machine 8 High frequency welding machine 9 Hydraulic cutting machine 10 Intelligent knife cutting machine 11 Intelligent laser cutting machine 12 Goodyear shoes and safety shoes making machine With 35 years of shoe...

Categories and Products

Shoe Making Machine

Shoe Lasting Machine

Automatic Side and Heel Seat Lasting Machine 658A Computerized Automatic Side And Heel Lasting Machine 658B Automatic Cementing Side And Heel Lasting Machine 668MA 9 Pincers Hydraulic Automatic Toe Lasting Machine 737A 7 Pincers Hydraulic Automatic Toe Lasting Machine 737B Automatic Cementing Toe Lasting Machine 737MA 9 Pincers Hydraulic Shoe Toe Lasting Machine N737A 9 Pincers Automatic Cementing Toe Lasting Machine N737MA 7 Pincers Hydraulic Automatic Toe Lasting Machine N737B 9 Pincers Computerized Automatic Toe Lasting Machine N738A 7 Pincers Computerized Shoe Toe Lasting Machine N738B Computerized Memory Automatic Cementing Toe Lasting Machine Computerized Memory Controlling Toe Lasting Machine 739A 7 Pincers Computerized Memory Toe Lasting Machine Computerized Automatic Cement Shoe Toe Lasting Machine 9 Pincers Memory Automatic Shoe Toe Lasting Machine 7 Pincers Computerized Automatic Shoe Toe Lasting Machine Computerized Automatic Shoe Toe Lasting Machine Hydraulic Automatic Heel Seat Lasting Machine Hydraulic Automatic Cementing Heel Seat Lasting Machine 

Sole Attaching Machine

Heavy-Duty Walled Sole Pressing Machine PLC Control Heavy-duty Walled Sole Attaching Machine Heavy-Duty Walled Sole Pressing Machine 710E 

Conveyor Equipment

UV Ultraviolet shoe lighting machine 801 Ultraviolet shoe lighting machine 802 Double Side UV Irradiating Machine Double Side Freezing UV Irradiating Machine 360℃ Rotary Type UV Irradiation Machine 

Goodyear Shoes Making Machine

Shoe Cold and Hot Counter Moulding Machine Vamp Steam Heating Machine Goodyear Shoes Toe Lasting Machine Goodyear Shoes Wire Nailing Machine Shoe Upper Hot Air Wrinkle Removing Machine Shoe Making Heat Setting Machine Cloth Leftover Shaving Machine Goodyear Shoes Welt Sewing Machine Goodyear Shoes Welt Stitching Machine Goodyear Shoes Upper Pounding Machine Leather Welt Hammering Machine Goodyear Shoes Cork Filling Machine Goodyear Shoes Waist Folding and Trimming Machine Goodyear Shoes Sole Stitching Machine Goodyear Shoes Sole Roughing Machine Hydraulic Sole Pressing Machine Goodyear Shoes Sole Edge Roller Machine Goodyear Shoes Toe Side Pressing Machine Goodyear Shoes Heel Side Pressing Machine Goodyear Shoes Sole Edge Cutting Machine 

Leather Machine

Plc Band Knife Splitiing Machine BD-L620W Plc Band Knife Splitting Machine BD-L520W Plc Band Knife Splitting Machine BD-L420W Plc Band Knife Splitting Machine BD-420W Plc Band Knife Splitting Machine BD-400A Plc band Knife Splitting Machine JD-300 Computerized Intelligence Folding Machine JD-298A Automatic Speed Change Cementing Folding Machine JD-293A Automatic Speed Change Cementing & Folding Machine JD-292A Shoes & Leather Folding Machine JD-292 Computerized Hot-Cement Folding Machine JD-291A Computerized Hot-Cement Folding Machine BD-291 Automatic gluing and edge hammering machine JD-295A Automatic Edge Cementing & Pressing Machine JD-226 Automatic Hot-Cement Covering Machine BD-296A Automatic Cementing And Covering Zipper Machine BD-296B Upper Folding Machine/Insole Binding Machine BD-202 Sole & Lining Trimming Machine Automatic Pearl & Nail Riveting Machine Double-Colour Pearl & Nail Riveting Machine JD-136D 

Eyeleting And Riveting Machine

Automatic Hook Button Fastening MachineJD-907 Automatic Hook Button Fastening Machine JD-917 Automatic Mountaineering button Fastening Machine JD-908 Automatic mountaineering Button Fastening Machine JD-918 Automatic Five-Claw Nail Riveting Machine JD-501S/X Computerized Auto-Nailing Machine JD-834 Automatic Punching & Eyeleting Machine BD-98 Automatic Eyeletting Machine BD-3A Automatic Double-Side Eyeleting Machine BD-95 Riveting Machine/Eyeletting Machine BD-11 Automatic Double-Side Eyeletting Machine BD-108 Fastener Riveting Machine BD-17 Double-Side Riveting Machine BD-107 Semi-Automatic button Riveting Machine BD-11B Table Type Riveting Machine BD-18 Automatic Punching Machine BD-30 Computer Direct-Driven Button Riveting Machine JD-10 Twin-Head Eyeleting Machine BD-100 

Insole Making Machine

Double-Station Insole Moulding Machine BD-316B Big Power Double-Station Insole Moulding Machine BD-316C Big Power Double-Station Insole Moulding Machine BD-316E Automatic Insole Riveting Machine JD-811 Automatic Insole Slot Milling Machine JD-826 Automatic Insole Trimming Machine JD-313 Automatic Speed Insole Trimming Machine BD-312A Cementing Machine BD-325 Soft Cylinder Insole Cementing Machine BD-326 Automatic Double-Head Insole Skiving Machine JD-328B Insole Jointing Machine JD-317A Pressing And Jointing Machine BD-340 

Special Sewing Machine

Moccasin Sewing Machine

Double Needle Side Wall Pattern Stitching Machine Single Needle Side Seam Pattern Stitching Machine Hemp Rope Sole Pattern Sewing Machine Shoe Pattern Stitching Machine Computerized Pattern Stitching Machine Shoe Sewing Machine for Casual Shoes Moccasin Stitching Casual Shoes Moccasin Sewing Machine Ladies Dancing Shoes Sole Stitching Machine Sandal Shoe Sole Sewing Machine Out Seam Shoe Sole Stitching Machine Out seam Shoe Sole Sewing Machine 

Shoe Border Sewing Machine

Side Wall Shoe Sole Stitching Machine Side Wall Shoe Sole Sewing Machine Inseam Shoe Sole Stitching Machine Shoe Border Sewing Machine Shoe Inseam Sewing Outsole Stitcher Shoe Side Seam Sole Sewing Machine Shoe Side Wall Outsole Stitching Machine Shoe Upper And Sole Double Needle Sewing Machine Inseam and Side Seam Sole Stitcher Sandal and Casual Shoes Outsole Sewing Machine Leather Sole Stitching Machine For Casual Shoes Shoe Sewing Machine for Upper Stitching Shoe Boots Double Needle Sewing Machine Heavy Double Needle Industrial Sewing Machine U Shape Ox-horn Bag Sewing Machine Heavy Duty Case Sewing Machine Special Type of Hand Held Bag Sewing Machine Long Boot Sewing Machine Special Shoe Stitching Machine Long Boots Stitching Machine 

Standing Mackay Stitcher

Seated Type Outsole Stitcher Vertical Shoe Outsole Stitcher Vertical Outsole Stitching Machine Multifunction Standing Mackay Stitcher Standing Type Outsole Stitcher 

Domestic Sewing Machine

Multi-function computerized domestic sewing machine DGSF-702 

Die Cutting Machine

Universal Cutting Machine

25T Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine LX-112 Energy Saving Cutting Machine Fast Type Plane Cutting Machine Quiet Type Plane Cutting Machine Fotrified Type Plane Cutting Machine Safety Type Plane Cutting Machine Hydraulic Swing Beam Cutting Machine Precise 4 Column Die Cutting Machine Cutting board planer for shoe factory Wood and Cutting Board Planer 

Computerized Cutting Machine

Automatic Computerized Programming Die Cutting Machine Automatic Single Head Double Die Cutting Machine Vision Positioning Single Head Double Die Cutting Machine Full-automatic Computer Typesetting Die Cutting Machine Automatic Head Rotating and Programming Die Cutting Machine Fully Automatic PLC Die Cutting Machine Automatic Single Head with Six-sided Die Cutting Machine Type-setting and Knife-changing Die Cutting Machine Double Head Automatic Cutting Machine Heavy Duty Automatic Cutting Machine Semi-automatic Gantry Die Cutting Machine Gantry Type Die Cutting Machine Four-post Automatic Cutting Machine Automatic Multi-tool Die Cutting Machine 200 Ton Gantry Type Cutting Machine 100 Ton 4-Column Cutting Machine 

Leather Belt Making Machine

Leather Belt Hydraulic Embossing Machine YF-15 Belt Embossing Machine YF-16 Leather Belt Calender (Temperature Roller) YF-24 Leather Belt Slitting Machine YF-01 Leather Belt Trimming Machine YF-05 Leather Belt Slitting Machine YF-10 Single Knife Leather Stripe Slitting Machine YF-19 Leather Belt Article Wheel Machine YF-22 Leather Circular Slitting Machine YF-32 Mini Leather Slitting and Strap Forming Machine YF-37 Double Side Leather Belt Edge Grinding Machine YF-2 Leather Belt Single Side Grinding Machine YF-09 Leather Belt Double Side Edge Grinder YF-11 Leather Belt Four wheel Laminating Machine YF-03 Leather Belt One Section Wheel Laminating Machine YF-04 Leather Belt One Section Wheel Agglutinating Machine YF-04B Leather Belt Punching Machine YF-07 Hydraulic Hot Gold Foil Stamping Machine YF-12 Four-column Hydraulic Stamping Machine YF-12B Leather Belt pneumatic Line Pressing Machine YF-13 

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