Mask Making Machine

Full Automatic N95 Mask Making Machine DG-300D

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Basic Info

Full Automatic N95 Mask Making Machine DG-300D

Model No.: DG-300D
Condition: New
Power Supply: Pneumatic 
Applicable Material: Non-woven fabrica 
Function: Mask making production line

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Product Discription

This equipment is mainly used for N95 folding ear-hanging mask automatic production line, the multi-layer whole roll cloth is put into the roll frame after the roller pair rolling and drawing material, the automatic mechanical fixed-length feeding nose bridge strip, nose bridge strip automatic alignment;
Multilayer cloth ultrasonic welding;
Automatic punching, automatic simplex displacement trademark printing;
The left ear band is automatically cut with fixed length, and automatically connected with ultrasonic wave.
The right ear band automatically cut the length of the material, automatic ultrasonic welding;
Fold in half automatically;
Automatic ultrasonic folding welding;
Automatic roll cutting blanking;
Side material flows out automatically;
The blanking mask flows out through an assembly line;
The whole process is fully automated with good stability and high production efficiency.

Product Specification

1. Bridge of the nose: 1 hanging shaft, 3-5mm in width, 400mm in outer diameter;
Inner diameter of cartridge 762mm;
Weight within 25kg;
2. Number of ear bands: width 3-5mm;
3. Production efficiency :45-50 tablets per minute
4. Qualified rate of equipment production :99%(except for insufficient incoming materials and improper operation of employees).
5. Equipment failure rate :2%(refers to the failure caused by the equipment itself).
Power configuration and installation parameters
1. Power supply :AC380V,50Hz, maximum power 15KW;
2, compressed air :0.5~ 0.7mpa, maximum consumption of 20L/minute, air inlet pipe adopts 12 interface;
3. Equipment weight :2000KG(subject to the actual)
4. Equipment size: length: 9000MM* width: 1500MM and height: 1900MM(subject to the actual product)
5. Equipment load-bearing ratio: the ratio of the total control weight to the load-bearing area is ≤500kg/m2
6. 1000MM away from the outer wall of the machine, equipment noise ≤75db;
(not including ultrasonic sound);
7. Equipment running rate ≥95%(only failures caused by equipment, regular maintenance of equipment, and prenatal preparation are excluded).

The main component of the equipment is the mechanism
1. 6 layers of water filter cloth/filter cotton/water absorbing layer unwinding rack;
2, the bridge of the nose strip unwinding, driving, automatic cutting mechanism;
3. Nose bridge correction mechanism;
4. Multi-layer cloth ultrasonic welding mechanism;
5. Punching mechanism;
6. Rolling and drawing mechanism;
7. Transfer of trademark office;
8, ear belt material welding machine press;
9. Folding mechanism in half;
10. Ultrasonic folding welding mechanism;
11. Cutting mechanism for rolling and dropping materials;

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